Институт физико-химич проблем / Chirality formation

1. A mechanism of chirality formation in super-rarefied space has been proposed which is based on the concept of the orientation of molecules in natural physical fields. The mechanism has been substantiated both theoretically and experimentally.


G.P.Gladyshev, Thermodynamics and Macrokinetics of Natural Hierarchic Processes (in Russian), Nauka, Moscow,1988.
G.P.Gladyshev, M.M.Khasanov, J. Theor. Biol, vol. 90, pp. 191-198., 1981.


2. A model of arising of asymmetry in the bioworld is proposed. It is supposed that chemical evolution on Earth has started from the uniform distribution of enantomorphous forms of substances. It is postulated and substantiated the role of Earth rotation in the selection of asymmetry signs of living and inorganic macrostructures, which could lead to the selection of asymmetric substructures (i.e. microstructures forming macrostructures) including D- and L- forms of molecules. It was established that the evolution is described both by thermodynamic and kinetic factors and by the trajectory factor (symmetry or chirality) which should be accounted for in rotating coordinate systems. The Coriolis forces can support spiral biostructures to a different degree depending on the habitation area of organism.


G.P.Gladyshev, Oriented Hydrodynamic Flows in Rotational Medium and Asymmetry in Bioworld, Ukrainian Polymer Journal, vol. 1, No 1, pp. 55-65, 1992 (in English).
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